Brutus is back

IMG_0123 (640x427)I noticed that Brutus is back again for yet another year of raising his babies at the Sanctuary.  I had begun to notice several Canadian geese starting to drop in over the past week or two, but I wasn’t quite sure who had arrived yet.  But it is official as of yesterday, Brutus had walked past me to confirm his return.  This time he appeared with his lady friend by his side.  I had mentioned to my wife that it was time that I went and cleaned out a few huts and lay some fresh straw in the ones I thought she may occupy, however, I was a little to late.  She had already selected her nesting site and laid one egg to let all others know right up front that this spot is reserved for the next month or so.  Nonetheless, I waited until she went for a swim and then I freshened it up with a fold of straw (one easily separated section in a bale of straw).  Low and behold, this morning, egg number two.  This was easily visible because she didn’t due her best job covering them.  I usually don’t mess with the nest once she identifies it, unless something appears to be very unusual.  Here’s hoping that they have many successes this spring!

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