Newsflash – “Gracie”

IMG_7317 IMG_7312 IMG_7309 A newsflash for those of you ‘keeping score’. Our little girl Grace Hopper isn’t…’she’ is a BOY! I believe that she may have been named a little prematurely at the Mill Pond in Brighton. He has matured into a handsome Drake Mallard. However, I am going to continue to call him Gracie because that is the surname of one of the most prominent families in the field of Martial Arts. The Gracie family has been affiliated with, and has often been attributed with having invented modern day Jiu Jitsu (a form of Martial Arts). For MANY decades, the members of the family have been world champions in the sport, and in more recent decades, they have been world champions in the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC). Since Gracie lost his leg at a young age and has still been going strong, I believe that the name fits our little warrior well! Oh yea, he still comes flying into the garage every night as the sun goes down, always leaving me with the comfort that he will be just fine until he ventures out at first light.



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