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This little beauty is Jacqueline, she had a minor inflammation on her right foot and was walking very gingerly on it, so she was pulled aside for a few days to give her some relief, and while checking her out, we noticed that she had some poultry lice and we proceeded to rid her of the aggravation. The lice are not a problem for humans, but they can beat down a duck and literally cause death if untreated on a weakened duck. They can also wear down a healthy duck. Lice can be found on just about any part of a duck – feathers, skin, broken quills, sores, etc. and will feed on the blood if there are open wounds. With just a couple good dustings of poultry dust and a good fluff over the entire duck to insure that the dust gets down to the skin, the lice will usually come to the surface and die, literally within minutes. So if you have poultry, please look for this problem. If you just fan the feathers back slowly, close to the body, easiest on the head, and look very carefully, you can usually spot them. If you are not sure if it is a louse (singular) or not, just watch it and it should eventually move down deeper into the bird. As you can see from the picture, they look like very tiny pieces of brown rice.


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