Kelsey rescued in a street

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This is Kelsey, he stopped by yesterday for a lifetime visit. I received a call from Alex late in the afternoon Friday and he wondered if we would take a duck that was found in the middle of a fairly busy street in Flushing, just north of Flint. Apparently he had been hit by a car as he was standing in the street, and Ryan and his girlfriend Kelsey avoided hitting him themselves. However, they pulled over and tried to pick him up but he ran over to a field and then came back. They finally¬†picked him up and noticed that he had blood coming out of his nose, so then they decided to take him home. Ryan then called me after Alex told him that I would take him. We set up a time for Saturday morning and Ryan and Kelsey brought him by. They said that they called him Gary a few times, but after a little thought, I felt that Kelsey was the name for him. We already have two ‘Cranes’ that visit all summer, Niles and Frasier, so Kelsey it was (what prompted this of course was one of his rescuers, Kelsey). So thanks to Ryan and Kelsey for a job well done. It’s just unfortunate that no one before them took the time. Everyone is always in a hurry to go nowhere, and it’s too bad that people don’t think just a little less about themselves, and maybe just a little more about someone, or something in need.

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