Dorothy & Genevieve at the Vet

So sorry for the longer than usual time between posts. The past ten days or so have been pretty extreme, from one end of the spectrum to the other. We’ve had a few wonderful rescues, a few very sad passings, some very COLD nights for some of the ducks, a visit to the vet for a couple of ducks – and right in the middle of all of this, the nasty flu bug decided to pay ME a visit (thanks to my wonderful wife, Theresa, for picking up the reigns and plowing forward, without missing a single beat!) I will do my very best to try to get caught up as quickly as possible, even though around here, that can never happen.

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Our immediate concern is regarding the vet visit this past Friday.

Dorothy, our current cover girl (above), began having numerous seizures and became very unstable in her posture, so she had to have blood work to try to find the cause of her episodes. Well, Dorothy’s WBC (white blood cell count) was about 35,000 instead of the <5,000 norm, meaning that she probably has some type of infection that she is trying to fight off. The vet decided to prescribe Baytril (antibiotic) and Rimadyl (anti inflammatory) as the next step and then see how she is in ten days.

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IMG_9260 (768x1024)Now for our Genevieve, as some of you may remember from earlier posts, she has been dealing with Egg Peritonitis, which began when yolk went into her abdominal cavity instead of her oviduct. She eventually began to retain fluid in her abdominal cavity which had to be drained often. It seems now that surgery is inevitable, as the build up is becoming more solid and causing swelling in her upper legs, and a repositioning of her intestines, possibly causing poor blood flow back from the legs. Without surgery, it will only get worse and therefore cause a very unnecessary shortness of her life.

IMG_9271 (768x1024)During the surgery, her ovaries will be removed (to prevent future buildup) as well as all of the solid yolk buildup. This will be a very stressful surgery on her fragile body, but we are always very optimistic! As usual, we truly do appreciate all of the prayers that you can muster up at this delicate time.

One Last Request
If any one would wish to assist in donating even a couple of dollars to assist in the cost of the surgery, we will be deeply appreciative. We don’t ask as often as we should (we’re getting better though) for donations, but with our current and growing organization, we are becoming more inclined to reach out much more often.

IMG_9262 (768x1024)Please remember that we are a 100% tax deductible charity, recognized with as a 501(c)3 with the IRS, and EVERY dollar donated is tax deductible. The only way that we can continue to give the very best care to all of our angels, is with your help. Any amount that you might be able to contribute (a single dollar from many people can go a long way) can be sent to us via PayPal on our Donate Page.

I’ve posted the bills for review. Fridays bill was $445.70 and the estimated cost for the surgery is $428.10 – $573.10 Review bill. The surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, February 24 at 10:00am. Please don’t forget the prayers as well! Thanks, from all of us!

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