Lucy with one eye… is a Diamond!

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This beautiful angel is Lucy, and she arrived here at the Sanctuary this past Sunday, 2/8/15. I was informed that an elderly couple had found her as a gosling in a field near their home about a year or so ago. They recently moved and left Lucy in the barn for the new owners to take care of. Well, as you might guess, the new owners didn’t want to keep their newfound inheritance and turned her over to Louise, who has a rescue, but was not able to keep her. So, Karen picked her up from Louise and brought her here. Unfortunately, Lucy is very tame and will need to be introduced into the wild at the Sanctuary. Sadly though, she will probably not be able to eventually go off on her own anytime soon, if ever at all. Lucy is blind in her left eye, and no one knows how this happened. She cannot fly very well, perhaps because she had no parents to teach her, as flying is a learned trait in Canadian Geese. Maybe however, when our regulars come back in the spring to have and raise their young, she just might be able to pick up enough ‘tips’ to eventually migrate, let’s pray!:-)) Because of her little inconvenience, we bring her into the garage every night for her own safety, until she becomes familiar with the property and it’s residents.

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