A Happy, Happy Ending!

The Epilogue…The other reason we made trip was to try to scoop up and relocate (to the Sanctuary) this little darling that was DUMPED off in this ‘paradise’. Thanks again to Angie and her daughter Caitlyn (who we just named another duck after…coming soon) for making us aware of these two sad (luckily, this time, turned happy) situations. We couldn’t help but name this girl Princess Pompeii, maybe it was the little ‘feather eruption’ on her tiny head that lead us there...or perhaps it is the ‘eruption’ of the very loud vocals from this petite angel!
Disgusting that an individual could toss out something SO precious into the totally unknown, after raising her from a baby to just a juvenile. She was surviving on whatever anyone tossed her way, usually bread is the main fare at these venues, which does nothing but cause ALL waterfowl to starve a slow death, if they are not devoured by a predator first. PLEASE, these creatures NEED human intervention to live a long and healthy life, and they are NOT intended for momentary satisfaction or amusement, to be discarded out some car window like a burger wrapper, just crumpled up by some bloated pig! Please, take the lead, and help stick up for these vulnerable angels!

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