Rufus, the Rooftop Peacock

Last Wednesday, 7/29/15, I had called Patrice, with whom I had been in communication with for the past week or so, regarding a peacock that had been running freely through a neighborhood of Dearborn Heights, near Telegraph and Van Born roads. Its origin could not be confirmed, but it had escaped capture for several weeks when Patrice had initially contacted me about possible assistance. The elusive bird had been spotted on rooftops, in backyards, resting on front porches, and just walking down neighborhood streets. It was no doubt way out of its environment. After talking with me, she drove out a mile or so to see if she could find his current location. Patrice called me back just a short time later with a confirmed 10-20. Theresa and I headed out to the location approximately 40 minutes away. Upon arriving, we had noticed the beautiful bird just standing on a porch gazing cautiously, perhaps contemplating his next adventure. Quickly, in the hope that we did not lose sight of the unique creature, we grabbed our nets and headed in his direction. As I got close to Rufus (for the rooftops that he ascended), I slowed my pace so not to panic his now calm demeanor, but as I approached more closely, he became more alert and pranced around the side of the house only to be met by a closed gate. As he pondered his limited options, I closed ground quickly and forced his hand. As he went left to right, I went right to left, somehow confounding his strategy, at which point I raised my net and secured my startled adversary, and then I lowered my body across his powerful frame and comforted him gently into his awaiting carrier, soon to be transported to his new and forever home. This story then continues, as the weekend plays out in grand fashion…turkey time in August.

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