Tiffany and Truman

IMG_1404IMG_1405 IMG_1393IMG_1408Everyday at the Sanctuary is guaranteed to put at least two (but usually one hundred or more) smiles on your face, but occasionally sadness rears its ugly head upon the angels that reside here.  Just a few days after I took these  pictures of Beautiful Tiffany (all brown call duck) and her mate, the handsome Truman, Tiffany came to breakfast alone for the first time in nearly two years, since they were babies.  These two sweethearts had a knack for getting to the “other side” of the boundary fence, causing me unneeded stress (as they all seem to do at some point, but I guess it comes with the territory) and forcing me to put on the waders “once again” and close the gap “one last time”.  Sadly, I will miss him dearly especially since he is usually one of the first ones I see every morning when I look out the window from the bedroom above.  I try to see all of the call ducks first before I begin the day since they are the most vulnerable because of their tiny size….

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