Scarlett and Rhett

These two Pekins were rescued from the Michigan Humane Society – Rochester, along with a third Pekin named Bleau, who found a girl of his own already waiting for him at the Sanctuary.  Scarlett (on the right) was a name that my wife wanted to use when we got our next hen duck and this was her, so I thought a perfect name match would be Rhett.  These two are always side by side and seem to really enjoy each others company.  They have been together since they were both babies and dropped off at the MHS (along with Bleau), because, as is usually the case, the fad wore off.  Fortunately, the previous (I won’t even call them owners) purchasers didn’t toss them into a lake or river and expect them to survive…because they WON’T!  This would be NO different than tossing a puppy into the woods and expecting him to survive…..

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