Marold from the Brighton Mill Pond Update

Marold had just finished his six day Sulmet solution (12.5%) treatment for Coccidiosis, an intestinal parasite. After three weeks, he is supposed to be on the solution for another six days. He is to remain isolated for the entire time, and it appears that the Master bath is apparently the only place with availability at this time. He seems to only like to be hand fed at this point (he may be playing us on this one, just for the constant companionship). He is tended to several times daily, but makes no effort to stand, regardless how we try to assist him. He also still has some drainage in his right eye, but that should eventually be relieved. As is always the case here at the Sanctuary, prayers are ALWAYS welcomed and often said.

IMG_8073 (768x1024) IMG_8070 (800x561)

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