CALL-ing Ducks: Tiffany, Dean and Rainbow


Three of our precious little Call Ducks – Tiffany (L), Dean (R) and Rainbow (C) taken 10/21/14. All three united after their previous acquaintances all united in Heaven! Rainbow used to hang with Spot and Fergie (yes, that Fergie). Dean used to run with Jan (sounds like a music duo in reverse). They did, in fact, get their names from that excellent Rock and Roll duo from the 50’s and 60’s. Tiffany grew up with Truman in our Master Bathroom (their first swim was in the bathroom sink). Dean joined the trio last, and had many run-ins with Rainbow, who seemed to not want to share his new found love of Tiffany. But now, these three are inseparable.

IMG_2989 (800x533)

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