Little Mama Sabastopol

Just a quick post to let you all know that we are still alive and rescuing like crazy.  I received a text last night from Laura, who informed us of an abandoned Domestic goose left by some idiot to fend for herself at a very unsafe area in Dundee, MI.  Once Theresa and I arrived there this morning, we were so pleased to see our new ‘resident-in-waiting’.  She (just a guess at this time) is a beautiful Sabastopol goose.  They are know for their beautifully disheveled feathers.  I tossed some food down the mild embankment, and while she cautiously left the safety of the waters edge, Theresa flanked her right side, and I, her left.  As we slowly approached her, I was able to net her without any resistance whatsoever.  Sometimes, we just get really lucky that way!  One hour later, she was surrounded with a bevy of new brothers and sisters, and she will never be alone again…and sustenance abound! 🙂

IMG_0568 (600x800)

These recirculating currents can even take a goose under. So glad I didn’t need to unstrap the kayak!

IMG_0559 (800x600)

A beautiful, lonely, baby!

IMG_0567 (800x600) (2)

IMG_0564 (800x600)

Fortunately, a very quick…and lucky rescue.

IMG_0573 (800x600)

All of her new admirers! Days like these make it SO worth it all!

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