Linda Lee a.k.a. Mama Lee

IMG_1211The sweet white Emden pictured here is our oldest resident at the sanctuary.  She is estimated to be in her mid twenties – although a ‘lady’ never tells.  She IS the sanctuary’s Matriarch.  There are a myriad of stories about her.  She got her name when she hooked up with (or rather I should say, he hooked up with her) a handsome Brown Chinese male goose rescued from Nevins Farm ASPCA in Massachusetts.  I immediately named him Bruce Lee upon his introduction to the sanctuary.  He is very “postured” in his appearance as well as confident in his walk, so with that, and being ‘Chinese’ of course, he was destined to be named Bruce Lee.  Since Bruce Lee’s wife was Linda, it was a match made in heaven!  She is often referred to as “Mama Lee” due to her very ‘motherly’ instincts…(TBC)

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