Thanksgiving Morning

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Thanksgiving morning, I received a call from a woman named Diane who had informed me that the night before, she and her husband had managed to ‘lure’ two female Pekins into their garage that had been living on Somerset Lake in the Jackson area, for several months this summer. Obviously, another case of “we don’t want them anymore, let’s just toss them in the lake” syndrome. Listen up people…they WILL NOT and CANNOT live in the wild, they will either starve to death or be slaughtered by a predator, especially once the ice freezes. Do not buy them if you can’t devote the next ten to fifteen years caring for them! You wouldn’t (hopefully not) toss a dog or cat out in the winter and let them fend for themselves. These types of ducks are not breed for the wild. Anyway, I met with Diane and her husband around 10am Thanksgiving morning to pick up these two beautiful girls and give them a permanent home at our Sanctuary. I had never seen two ducks eat so much at one given time, and it was quite obvious to us that these darlings were on a merciless diet. No longer!


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