The Elvis Bros.

It was a very sad day today at the Sanctuary, as we lost our dear Elvis in Black, when he went to reunite with his brother, Elvis in Red, who passed away within 24 hours to the day, exactly one year ago!  These gentle giant Muscovy’s came to the Sanctuary via the ASPCA Nevins Farm, MA…… These gentlemen had a few […]


Little Pudge with the sweetest little shape was actually named after “Pudge” Rodriguez, former Detroit Tiger catcher, because of his stocky and solid, yet compact little frame.  Pudge is more often a loner than a groupie, although he does share time with the ladies now and again….

Fergie & her beaus

Little Fergie in the white is always surrounded with her best friends and suitors, Rainbow to the right and Dean.  Fergie and Rainbow have been together for several years and Dean arrived on the scene to compete for her affection a little over a year ago after his best friend Jan passed.  When they are […]


The following pages will be dedicated to ALL of the precious little angels that have passed away while living out life to the fullest at the Sanctuary. Many of these beautiful creatures would have perished long ago without ever having had a chance to live as God intended….


This crowned prince is actually a ‘Duke’ and he has been a resident here for several years.  He had a ‘Duchess’ when he first arrived here but she has since gone to Crystal Waters in a far  greater place than this.  After his period of mourning (and I sincerely feel that they sense their loss), he took […]


This handsome guy is Riko and he happens to be the Sanctuary’s peacekeeper, on MANY different levels.  He absolutely loves his little brothers and sisters and is a little more partial to his little sisters, as the little brothers know all too well.  As you may imagine, the boys can get a little feisty at certain times during the […]

The MHS and Us

We are proud to be partnered with and approved by the Michigan Humane Society!  We have become instrumental in assisting the MHS with it’s domestic duck rescue and soon will be working to assist them in their wildlife rehabilitation efforts.  Much more to come on this in the near future……