Michigan Bound via Ohio

ohio pekins IMG_2892 ohio pekins (14)This little group came to us about a week ago via the Perryville, Ohio  animal control division.  They were rescued from a lake where they were discarded by their ‘buyers’ (I won’t even refer to them as their owners) when the fad wore off.  The control officer said that they made several attempts locally to place them, but no one wanted them.  Then they called us.  It is SO hard to say no, so of course we took them.  After we accepted them, we later found out that if they didn’t find a home in the next couple of days, they were going to be put down.  We know that there will come a time when it will break our hearts to say no to any duck in need of a home, but unfortunately, even we will have a limit (anyone know of a lot of  land cheap – please let us know!! :-))).  As you can see, they definitely like the comfort of our Daylilies.  Two boys, two girls, too sweet!

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