Marold Found his Final Paradise

As many of you may remember, Marold, our precious rescue from the Brighton Mill Pond, had a tough time since his arrival.  He had lost his ability to walk and care for himself at the pond, so he was given refuge at our Sanctuary, where he would have constant care around the clock, if need be.  He had coccidia, which he eventually overcame, severe arthritis, gout like inflammation in both legs, as well as chlamydia psittacosis (a type of sinus and respiratory infection).  He was an absolute fighter, who hid his pain well… a true inspiration!  He loved attention, and believe you me, we enjoyed giving it to him, as he was such a joy to be around (if only people complained so little about all of their trivial concerns).  Well, you see, Marold heard about this place where pain does not exist, where rivers flow with the calmest, coolest currents on the warmest summer days, into the clearest of all ponds, and where trees of the sweetest fruits fall before you, with just a single glance.  A very special place, indeed.  Marold chose just after midnight on Good Friday to begin his journey, drifting asleep in his mama’s arms, with his daddy ‘s hand on his weary head, knowing that Marold will finally have the everlasting peace that he so dearly deserved.  May God bless his precious little soul.  Marold is to the right in this photo, and his sweet Sophia is with him, as he spent  yesterday outside, one last time, before sharing his final evening with us.IMG_0212 (768x1024)

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