Angeline (25)Angelena came to the Sanctuary on 9/24/14, after being abandoned by her mama and siblings because she was unable to fly away with them. She was born with a congenital deformity in her bill and was thus unable to forage properly and this left her with nutritional deficiencies and an inability to develop properly.  She was vastly undersized and underweight when she arrived.  Her keel bone was very prominent and she also developed a slight limp in her walk.  She has since been on a high protein diet and has begun to fill her tiny belly and keel area with a little more ‘meat’.  The deformity could have been caused by her positioning in the egg while she was developing, such as a twisting of her head and neck and not having enough room for complete development.  It is not very common to see this in the wild as this can affect the baby’s ability to ‘chip’ out of the shell, thus making it harder to have a successful hatch.  The fact that she is here with us just emphasizes how special she really is!

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